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4 Where can I Paraglide in the UAE?
Recently there are not too many dedicated areas in the UAE. Mainly we go soaring to Fossil Rock in Sharjah, Al Wathba hill in Abu Dhabi, ground handling on Kite Beach Dubai, 
Dibba area where we have a 350m high take-off site facing the ocean. There you can do some excellent soaring if conditions are good.
We can also soar in RAK area and some dunes in the desert.
Because of the specific conditions in the country mainly we do Paramotoring in the desert and on the beach areas.
4 Where and how can I train?
MICRO AVIATION CLUB is offering paragliding and paramotoring training in the country. With qualified European instructors we are members of FAI.
4 Where is the training location?
We are training at the Dubai – Abu Dhabi border (on the Jebel Ali open beach area. After ENOC Station behind Dubai Abu Dhabi border police station a small road going directly to the beach and to an artificial hill.) Some times we do ground handling beside Jumeirah Beach Park. (No paramotoring on Jumeirah Beach!)
4 How long does the training take?
The training is like 10-12 sessions, but it really depends on the skill of the students (how many times you can come per week) and on the weather conditions.
4 How does the training look like?
First you will get some basic theoretical knowledge. After that you will need to do some ground handling on the beach with the supervision of an instructor. Here you will learn how to open and close your canopy, how to pack and store your equipment, how to buckle in safely your harness, how to pull up (inflate your canopy) for take-off and landing. (If you are lucky you will be first time pushed up in the air so you will be flying just for half meter above the ground. You will get some information about what kind of equipment you need to fly safely. All this will take you like 3-4 sessions. Each session will be like 1-1 1/2 hours.
After that we will take you to a Small Hill (Behind Jebel Ali Police station Ghantoot small-hill) where you will need to make like 10-15 take-offs from the hill. This will teach you how to take-off and land safely. Your flying altitude will not be more than 30-35 meters and the flight duration only a couple of seconds. If you can take-off and land safely its time that you can start flying your Paramotor.
By the time you reach here you should be deciding to order your own equipment.
After 3 successful take-offs with your Paramotor you will be getting your –A- Club Pilot License.
4 Do I get a license?
Unfortunately due to the absence of proper rules and regulations in UAE we cannot issue a UAE licence any more. Currently we have established good contact with a "European paragliding club" and they can issue FAI European paragliding License for our qualified students. Costs will be 150 Euro for the License / Renewal 100 EUR/year.
4 What are the costs involved?
The training fee is 6,500 AED which includes 1 year of membership fee in MICRO AVIATION CLUB. You need to pay 150 EUR for the European FIA Club Lincense / yearly renewal 100 EUR
4 Do you provide me with the equipment for the training?
Yes during the training we will provide the glider, harness and helmet for your training (Price included in the training fees)
4 What about after the training, can I rent the equipment?
No. Unfortunately because of the strict rules of the region we do not rent any equipment. After the training you will need to purchase your own equipment.
4 How much will my new equipment cost?
We are distributing some European brands; the price range is rather big. In general you can buy an excellent canopy in the price range of 2400 EURO to 2600 EURO. Harness 500 to 600 EURO. Engine (for paramotoring) 5000 to 6000 EURO.
Emergency parachute 500 to 600 EUR. Helmet from 10 till 500 EURO.

4 OK. How to proceed?
Please give us a call or send us an email.
Laszlo +971-55-2120155
Mike +971-55-4282849

Please send us a text message in case you cannot reach us and we will get back to you.
Contact Real Expeditions: +971-56 545 2588

You will need to fill up an application form, provide us with a passport and visa copy along with two passport size photos. Also you will need to pay the full amount of the training fees and EAA registration before you start.

4 When can I start?
We are training in groups of 5-6 people. Please contact us and register so we can fit you in the next group!
If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to call!!!!!!

4 Where do we fly after we get licensed?
Unfortunately in UAE we have only "soaring" areas! For high altitude launches we will visit some neighboring country. We organize "paragliding adventure trips" on regular bases around the world! Please contact us and register so we can fit you in the next group!




Application form attached - Click here to download!
(MAC-application-form.pdf - 1.07 MB)

See you flying with us!!!!!!!!!
Please do not start self-training from the internet or from unqualified people!