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Demo Video 2008
1 min 53 sec

Desert Microlights

Animal Monitoring from the Microlights

Sunset Flying

Daniel, SHK Hamdan Bin Mohamed Al Maktoum, Laszlo

Adam and Daniel Toth

Checking the stickers

After the desert flight with Ditta, Gabor and Zsolt

Abu Dhabi ADIA Building

After landing

Always on the phone

Apollo Jet Star with Rotax 912

Beside the skyscrapers

Capt. Szabo and Toth

Capt. Veres and the General

Capt.Sebok and Ala Ramahi

Corvus MK II with Apollo Jet Star

Dhows and Dragons

Ditta and Capt. Ferenc Ori+ in the cocpit of the Corvus

Flying like a bird! Zero Gravity 2007

A good looking technician - Soci

I fixed it...

IL 76 - Zero gravity from StarCity

MAC Paramotor Team

Mashreq Formation

Night Flight over Abu Dhabi, Cornish

Nova Speedmax 2

Our Friends from KSA - 3


Al Ain

H. H. Sheik Mohammed Al Mualla

H. H. Sheik Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan

Spinning in Zero Gravity

Talking about technical details

Tomas is proud

Sunset Flying over Marmoum UAE Desert 2009

MAC TEAM with SHK Akhmed Hasher Al Maktoum

Mashreq Microlights over the desert

Desert Runway

Over Al Marmoum

SHK Akhmed with Vince Ferinc

SHK Akhmed and Laszlo 2009

Shaking hands with H.H. Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed

Al Ain 2005

Al Ain 2006

Approaching 3200 m

Capt. Laszlo and Capt Szabo

Capt. Toth with the FAI President

Capt. Ferinc and Vitkovszki

Colonel Risa....Head of security

Corvus MKV with the Apollo Jet Star

Ditta and Capt. Ferenc Ori+

Engine heating up

Flying with the Airbus-330

Happy Fly Boys

Happy after the landing

Team with the FAI President

Microlights over the Desert

Mashreq Sky Adventures Airfield 2008

Mina Zayed Airfield Abu Dhabi 2007

Our Friends from KSA - 1

Our Hangar in Bateen Base Abu Dhabi 2006

Over the Highway


Banner Towing AD National Day 2006

Skydiving with a Banner

Sunset over the Arabian Gulf AD 2006

The Amazing MK II

With Mr. Abdul Aziz Ghurair

SHK Hamdan Bin Mohammed and SHK Akhmed Bin Hasher

SHK Akhmed educating the children

Microlights over Al Marmoum Game Reserve

Sunset Microlights

SHK Akhmed Mohamed Hasher Al Maktoum

UAE National Day 2008

Abu Dhabi

Al Pyro Team

Bahrain Elections 2006

Banner Towing in Bahrain 2005

Capt. laszlo with H.H. Sheik Mohammed Bin Zayed

Capt. Veres and Mr. Mubarak

Capt. Laszlo with the Corvus

Corvus MK II over the desert

Day flight Abu Dhabi Cornish

Ditta and Kapanyina

Fireworks from the Paramotors

Flight over the Arabian Sea

H.H. Sheik Ahmed Bin Hamdan in O gravity

H.H. Sheik Akhmed Bin Hamdan over Liwa

Jet Star during night flight

Little Miss Sunshine

MAC Team Al Ain 2005

MK V During aerobatic manouver

Our Friends from KSA - 2

Our Friends from KSA - 4

Over the Emirates Palace Garden

Protocol meeting at the airshow

H. H. Sheik Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan

Sheraton Abu Dhabi

Sunset with Burj Dubai

Waterfall fireworks from Paramotor

We did it!