Welcome to the world of Light Aviation!


Sports and leisure aviation is one of the fastest growing activity in the world. It has millions of members and hundreds of millions of enthusiasts and even more spectators all over the planet.
Micro Aviation Club Sky Adventures will provide you complete A to Z Airshow solutions with Light aircrafts.

We possess several reference works, programs and all required international licenses.

We perform unforgettable, attractive events whereby thousands of spectators watching our programs at the airfield as well as the surroundings within the cities and suburban areas while performing formation flights.

Our program will include the following aerial activities:
4 Skydiving show
4 Paramotor show
4 Paramotor trikes
4 Microlight show
4 Aerobatic show
4 Gyrocopter show
4 Remote control aircrafts and helicopters display

Our spectators will have a chance not only to watch but they can also experience the thrill of formation or aerobatic flights.

Our shows give an excellent opportunity for advertisement and image improvement for corporate and individual partners.

We have reasonably large sized surfaces on the wings, trike of the aircrafts, the canopies of the Paramotors, on the uniforms of all ground and flying crew, as well as the airfield facilities, containers, tents, fences, flyer's, flags, leaflets, information boards, brochures and traffic guidance signs.

Parking areas can also be fitted with large sized advertisements. Individual advertising solutions are also welcome, since the activity is very special and spectacular.

Flight activities always attract many spectators wherever they are performed, giving unique chance for unusual, effective visual advertisement.

We do Firework during the night with Microlights (Dragon Team) and Paramotors (Flying Camels)

We do formation flights with 5 Microlights (Dragon Team)

We do scenic flights

We do trainings.

We participate in opening ceremonies, festivals, cultural events, birthday parties, Airshows, National Holidays and Celebrations, Festivals, Brand promotions.

We tow banners with Paramotors and Microlights

We organize and manage complete events and competitions.

We can help you set up and manage your own tourist scenic flight airfield and attraction.

For more information or if you have any questions please send us a mail: microaviation@hungary.org

Our professional team will be happy to assist you anytime.

Our References

Jeddah Festival KSA 2002

Higher Colleges of Technologies events Abu Dhabi 2003

Higher Colleges of Technologies events Dubai 2004

Dubai Film Festival 2006

India Pakistan Cricket Gala Abu Dhabi

Several Events of Emirates Aviation Association

Complete airfield setup in Abu Dhabi Mina Zayed

Red Bull Airrace 2006

IDEX 2007

Central European Technical Triathlon 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Asian Parachuting Championship UAQ 2004

Al Ain Airshow 2005, 2006, 2007

Bahrain Elections 2005

Qatar Cultural Festival 2007

Abu Dhabi National Day 2006, 2007

Dubai Shopping Festival Closing Ceremony 2008

Mashreq Sky Adventures 2008

Every young boy has a dream of becoming a pilot and soaring high like 'A Falcon in the unlimited open sky'
We want your dreams to become true