Ditta and Laszlo Toth

Capt. Istvan Bognar

Capt. Tibor Solymosi

Capt. Vince Ferincz

Capt. George Vereb

Tamas Tardy - Paramotor Pilot

Zoltan Shneider - Technician
Micro Aviation Club Team is a worldwide recognized sport aviation team, which consist of World and European champions forming a professional staff, which is able to provide all individual and corporate sport and business performance.

We possess several reference works, programs and all required international licenses.

We perform unforgettable, attractive events whereby thousands of spectators watching our programs at the airfield as well as the surroundings within the cities and suburban areas while performing formation flight.

The Club and Team has been founded by Capt. Laszlo Toth in the year 2001. The guarantee of our success lies in the extensive flying experience of the management and the pilots of Micro Aviation Club, in their creativity, flexibility and in the experience acquired in Europe and in the Arab world, laying down the foundations of Light Aviation, most of all in the field of Paragliding, Paramotoring, Skydiving, Micro-light, Ultra-light and Gyrocopter flying.

Sports and leisure aviation is one of the fastest growing activity in the world. It has millions of members and hundreds of millions of enthusiasts and even more spectators all over the planet.

We believe that UAE should be one of the leading countries of the Arab World where people can practice flying in a free way.

Micro Aviation Team Airshow Solutions will ensure safe and secure operations in the country and world wide. It will allow the United Arab Emirates to appear on the world map of Sports and Leisure Aviation.

Our aim is to acquaint people with the safest and simplest ways of Aviation sports in the Arab Region and to make it popular as well. While giving excellent recreational options, flying gives a unique feeling of freedom arousing a new meaning and purpose to weekends for many. Flying can especially play a strong role in the country’s tourist plans and cultivation of international relations.

Our Pilots and instructors have International (F.A.I.) qualification and they train according to the international standards adapted to the Arab world.

During our shows we flew more than 850,000 km!!!!!!!!!!! approximately 20 times around the Globe!!!!!

Capt. Vendel Sebok

Capt. Jozsef Bartovics

Capt. Jozsef Toth

Capt. Attila Filipovits

Capt. Jozsef Vitkovszki

Erno Szabo - Head of Paramotoring Section

Shoaib Ahmed Jan

Team Leader

Capt Laszlo Toth

Microlight Team Pilots
Vince Ferinc
Istvan Bognar
Vendel Sebok
Jozsef Toth
Tibor Solymosi
Attila Filipovits
Jozsef Bartovics
Jozsef Vitkovszki
George Vereb

Paramotor Team Pilots
Erno Szabo
Tomas Tardy

Technical Crew

Zoltan Shneider
Shoaib Ahmed Jan

Marketing and Administration
Ditta Toth

Field Manager and Cameraman
Csaba Viczian

The MAC Team with the FAI President - 2005

MAC Team - 2006

MAC Team in Sea Flight Uniform - 2007

Mashreq Sky Adventures MAC Team - 2008

Every young boy has a dream of becoming a pilot and soaring high like 'A Falcon in the unlimited open sky'

We want your dreams to become true